testimonials old friends
I recently bought a 30 day pass to see if I could find more of my elementary school brownie troop. Two of the eleven I found on your site. One lives close to me here in Orange County, CA and the other was is in Utah. We are planning a reunion right after Christmas, so I was thrilled to find them. Most of us haven't seen each other in more than 40 years. Three of us had a mini reunion last weekend and shared old photos, brownie memorabilia, and caught up with each other. I can't wait to see all of them in December. Thanks again.

— Karen H., CA

The end of the summer always reminds me of the Petersons - our neighbors and best family friends when our kids were little. Every September we'd throw a joint Labor Day/Birthday Party for our son Danny and their son Jon. The boys were a year apart, but were so close we parents couldn't help but become friends too. The kids were always over at one house or the other, and one year we even spent our summer vacation fishing on a houseboat together! We were all so sad when the Petersons had to make a work-related move across the country. In those days, we didn't have email yet, and although we promised to keep in touch, after a few years and couple more moves, we just lost touch. Danny came home from college this past weekend for Labor Day, and during his birthday dinner the Petersons came up in conversation. Right then I decided to do more than simply remember them fondly, and get back in touch with them! I did an search on your site, and found their phone number almost right away. I was surprised to find myself so nervous about calling them, but I went ahead and did it. Hearing their voices over the line and laughing about those times again made me and my husband feel so young! Turns out their family is doing great, and they still think of us every Labor Day too. I'm so happy to be back in contact with them. Thanks for making this possible.

— Sherry G., TN

testimonials old friends