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Over 2 Billion Records Available!
Over 2 Billion Records Available!

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Discovering details about marriages is a vital part of the puzzle when piecing together your family history or genealogy. The information that you gather can really enhance the narrative, and paint a complete picture of your ancestors and their lives.

With the comprehensive search available at Advanced-People-Search, you are able to find out information relating to the ancestry of an individual and the married couple, including a complete description of the bride and groom. Other pertinent facts can also be found, not limited to, marriage location and the circumstances surrounding the marriage. You are also able to find out if that person had a previous marriage and the maiden name of the bride, which can be very useful when tracing different branches of the family in your genealogy search.

Unfortunately, the person looking for this information often finds that some states will not allow release of marriage records, or they severely limit access to any recorded information. Researching the details for out of state marriages can be an even more arduous task. Quite often in small municipalities these records have still not been digitized, making the whole process extremely frustrating and even more time consuming.

That is where Advanced-People-Search can help! When you use our advanced marriage record services, we will find you the most accurate and current information on marriage records that is available quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to finding public marriage records for your family history, adoption, or genealogy searches, look no further than Advanced-People-Search.


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