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It can be a daunting and sometimes intimidating process to try to locate information in public records. At, we help you navigate the system to help find the divorce records you are looking for.

Should you try to attain access to divorce records by yourself, you are likely to come up against a road block. In most instances states are not willing to provide information on divorce records across state, in addition there are many forms and red tape to negotiate. Many states even prohibit the sharing of divorce records entirely, making it near on impossible to get the information that you need.

At advanced-people-search we are the experts when it comes to understanding the varying laws across different states, and will guide you through the process. You will have immediate access to the most accurate and up to date information available, all in one place.

When you perform your search with us you will find information to links which provide the best in public divorce records on the Internet. 

As most divorce records are classified under court records, a number of the links will take you to court sites which are available in the court records directory. Browse through the states to establish what databases are available in your area.


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Hank and I parted ways in January 1982. I found him on your site in September 2007. In May 2009 we moved to Montana and bought a ranch. Without your site I might still be alone in Colorado. Thanks for helping me re-find my soul mate!

— Martha D., MT.

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