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Finding out about someone's financial history can be of importance in numerous situations. Perhaps you are looking to hire someone that will have access to cash or business finances or preparing to get married. It is critical that you check the background of any person who is to be placed in a position of trust, whether it is financially or emotionally.

In order to make an informed decision, it is not only important to find out if someone has filed for bankruptcy before but why and what the results were of that filing.

There are multiple reasons that people file for bankruptcy, and it is not always negligence (maxing out credit cards, etc) that causes accumulation of debt. Quite often it is life circumstances that are completely out of a person's control, such as medical bills or an extended term of disability or unemployment.

It could be that you want to see what information is public about your own bankruptcy filing. Whatever your reason may be, if you need to search for bankruptcy records, Advanced-People-Search can help you get the information and court filing records on the person of your choice.

When someone files for bankruptcy, the case will be assigned to a district of the federal US Bankruptcy Court. Each state has one or more districts, depending on the size of the state.

The results of a comprehensive bankruptcy search at Advanced-People-Search will normally provide the following information about the bankruptcy hearing:

  • Applicants name, birth date, and address
  • Case Name and Case Number
  • Name of creditors involved in the case
  • Court dates
  • Motions filed
  • Contact information for the attorney and trustee
  • Type of filing (Chapter 7, 13, etc)
  • State in which they filed

Let the experts at Advanced-People-Search help you research the financial history of the person you are placing in a position of trust today!


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