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Public Records

Public records are a collection of vital information which exists by law that is available for viewing by the general public.

Information exists on every person for practically every life event, whether it is birth, marriage, divorce, or death. Records are also obtainable for bankruptcy, criminal proceedings, and prosecutions as well as sex offender registry.

At Advanced-People-Search, we have access to billions of public records that can help you with finding out information for genealogy research projects, where birt, death, marriage, and divorce records are vital search components. We can also complete background checks, investigate bankruptcy records, and access sex offender registries to get you the information you need.

Let us help you navigate the maze of public information records to discover the facts about the person you are looking for.

The following are some examples of the services available and the information that can be gathered:

Death Records:

  • Full name of the deceased
  • Name of the person who reported the death
  • Location of where the deceased will be buried
  • Birth date of the deceased
  • Date, time, location, and cause of death
  • Age and residence at time of death
  • Marital status
  • Name and birthplace of mother and father
  • Name of person who reported death

Bankruptcy Records:

  • Applicants name, birth date, and address
  • Case Name and Case Number
  • Names of creditors involved in the case
  • Court dates
  • Motions filed
  • Contact information for the attorney and trustee
  • Type of filing (Chapter 7, 13, etc)
  • State in which they filed

Sex Offender Records:

  • Applicants name, birth date, and address
  • Nature of the offense
  • State in which they are registered as a sex offender
  • Additional court information (Variable by state)

Marriage Records:

  • Full names of the applicants
  • Prior maiden names, if applicable
  • Location of marriage
  • Date of marriage
  • Name of person presiding over marriage proceeding

Divorce records:

  • Full name of the applicants
  • Prior maiden names, if applicable
  • Location of divorce
  • Date of marriage
  • Date of divorce finalization
  • Name of judge/mediator presiding over divorce proceeding


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