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Criminal Background Check

Increasingly, people are finding the need to perform a criminal background check on an individual, whether it is to investigate the past of someone that they are dating, or to gather the details of a person's criminal conviction.

It is not only a useful tool in your personal life, but can also be utilized in the business world. Use Advanced-People-Search to check to see if the principals of the company you are about to invest in have a dubious past before you give them your hard-earned cash.

When it comes to finding a service to help you locate this information you need to choose someone who you can trust to provide accurate and current data.

An internet search could turn up information about the person that may make you think twice, too. However, it is unlikely that you will see important details about whether you've been arrested or convicted in the past.

With Advanced-People-Search, you will receive a report that contains very specific details relating to the crimes the person may have committed or been involved in.

It will also include such details as their age, gender, name, and any identifiable markings. When available, specifics on the actual crime will be provided, including:

  • The offense they were charged with
  • The location where the offense occurred
  • The type of offense, either misdemeanor or felony
  • If the person was actually convicted of the charges

There are many other situations when you may wish to check to see if someone has a criminal history, and if so what that past contains. Whatever the reason, be assured that will provide you with the most accurate and complete information.


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